October Favorites

Today I decided to do a post on my October favorites–these are products that I have been loving/using the most throughout the month of October.


At the end of each month, I like to think about all of the items or products that I have a habit of reaching for almost every day. This gives me an idea of how telling whether or not something is well worth the money I spent on that product.


The fall season is full of unpredictable weather, which doesn’t help very much with my sleeping patterns. You might notice a cozy theme among most of these items.

Earlier on in the month, my mom came to visit me at school and we spent the day at the King of Prussia Mall , and I discovered the newest Yves Saint Laurent fragrance called Black Opium . I normally ignore the beauticians in Nordstrom who bombard you with perfume samples, but I couldn’t resist the smell of this one! There’s something so unique about this scent that I haven’t found anywhere else, and for a person who is very particular about the kind of fragrance they wear, I definitely recommend this to anyone who is on the market for something that smells warm and sweet, but still subtle enough that it doesn’t leave you with a migraine. I’m not the best at describing the smell of perfumes without using saying “it’s just really good,” but I think the description on the YSL website describes it best.


2015 Best New Female Fragrance by the Fragrance Foundation and Allure Best of Beauty award winner.With a glam rock aesthetic, this addictive gourmand floral entices with notes of black coffee for a shot of adrenaline, white florals to instantly seduce, and vanilla for sweetness and sensuality. Playing on the incongruity between the bitterness of the coffee bean accord, an ingredient never used before in such a high quantity in a feminine fragrance and radiant white flowers, BLACK OPIUM gives a sensation of light-headedness, bordering on ecstasy.

First there is the wake-up call. The coffee bean note hits you hard, jolting the senses. Next, it becomes softer and more feminine with the white flowers of ‘jasmine sambac and absolu of fleur d’oranger’ to finish incredibly addictive and emboldened by the ambrosial appeal of vanilla and the woody notes of cedar and patchouli, giving a roundness, depth, and mysterious elegance.

Audacious? Perhaps. Addictive, electrifying? Definitely.

I got mine off of the Ulta website since Nordstrom and Sephora were both out of the 0.33 oz size, so I assume that it’s selling out fast for those who are looking for the purse sized bottle (and it’s only $25?! Mom if you’re reading this, the 1 oz bottle is $67 and Christmas is right around the corner…) 

The little blue object here is a vintage lipstick holder that my grandmother picked up from China a while back, and it’s absolutely perfect to fit purse-sized perfume sprays for traveling.


You can never have too many Halloween decorations!

You can never have too many Halloween decorations…

Time and time again, I find myself having a difficult time falling asleep after a late night study session.  I’ve found that surrounding myself with a soothing environment is key; which calls for a much needed pamper session. My favorite combination is a cup of Teavana’s Youthberry White Teawhich is an all-time favorite of mine from home. This comes in a tin container that I bought from Starbucks which contains loose leaves that look like this: 


I know that Starbucks offers the Youthberry flavor in teabag form, but I mistakenly bought the loose leaf kind which is ideal for the wrought iron kettles that are ideal for steeping this kind of tea.

 Every year, it’s a routine for my siblings and I to sit down and watch the Halloweentown series that are always on Disney Channel during time of year. Due to the fact that I no longer have access to TV or cable,  I went out to Target and bought the DVD of the first two installments. My friends and I have really enjoyed staying in and watching Halloweentown while eating a ton of candy corn. Watching festive movies in a cozy room is one of my favorite traditions, especially with mood-setting fairy lights and LOTS of food! 

I first discovered Soap & Glory a couple years ago by reading something by a UK beauty blogger (since they were not available in the US at the time). Back in 2013 Sephora began selling Soap & Glory products, but for some reason was never able to get ahold of the ever popular Breakfast ScrubI was sad to discover that Sephora no longer carries Soap & Glory products, so when I ordering something from the Ulta website I couldn’t help but pick up one of their most popular sugar scrubs. 


(The retro pink packaging makes it hard not to love. )


     Not only does this scrub smell great, but it also leaves the skin feeling super soft and clean after a long shower.  

IMG_1949This oat, sugar & shea infused scrub has a nice “blend ofcupuacu scrubs, banana, almond, and honey extracts to
gently polish , smooth, and moisturize the skin.”

Ulta on the The Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub


Bath & Body Works has a great selection of aromatherapy products that are catered to relaxation. Before I slip into bed, I like to spray their “sleep” mist over my pillows that has a lavender chamomile scent.  The bottle’s description says:


Lavender and Chamomile

Essential Oils soothe and calm to enhance sleep.


-Kelly Anne


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5 thoughts on “October Favorites

  1. Loving all the products you are featuring. Definitely going to get some of that Opium perfume as I have the same problem with being overwhelmed by scents!

  2. i love your website and i’m getting mega zoella vibes from this??? i love it so much and i love/miss you! (p.s. make a youtube channel because you’re perf for it & i’d be your first subscriber). i’m thinking of making a website myself to sell all of my old clothes and it’s gonna be sick & chic because nick’s shooting for it. anyways, all the love from jersey and cnhs. come back & visit bb
    xx dasha

    1. This comment made my entire week! I need to get the right kind of camera equipment for a YouTube channel, but we’ll see where 2016 goes! And that sounds awesome you should totally do it…I appreciate the support, I love and miss you too!
      xx Kelly

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